New patient enrolment information

Our Practice is currently accepting new patients. We welcome your enquiry.

Enrolment procedure

  • Enrol at our Practice by filling in the enrolment form (one for each person over 16 years). All adults MUST sign their own form. You cannot enrol someone else (apart from your children).

Enrolment pack (one per person) may be downloaded here:      Enrolment Form  (pdf) ....

Please note: In order to enrol at any general practice in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health requires us to sight specific documents to confirm eligibility for funded health services. Therefore, along with your completed enrolment form we require 3 forms of identification:

  •           - a photocopy of your passport with any relevant permits/visas to verify eligibility, or your NZ birth certificate
  1.           - two further forms of identification, one being a photo ID e.g. Driver's Licence (unless a passport was supplied), and
  •           one proof of address ID

These are a requirement for New Zealand citizens also.

  • Your notes are requested from your previous surgery once enrolment forms are received.



Additional information for new patients